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  • Customer Support

    Talk to our Kiwi Customer
    Service Team for real support
    from a real person! 

    Kemsol is committed to maintain
    education and awareness in our
    Health & Safety programs.  

    Our expert Account Managers
    have vast technical knowledge to enable
    safe chemical practices at your business. 

    Kemsol is dedicated to minimising
    environmental impact and continually
    improving green performance. 

    Your handy Tools & Resources,
    Safety Data Sheets and PIs
    all in one convenient location. 

    Creating quality chemicals for a cleaner environment

    Being a supplier of great cleaning product is not enough. We offer industrial service levels that are the best in the country. 

    Kemsol is a branded range of Institutional and Industrial cleaning products, manufactured by Chemical Solutions Ltd.
    The company is 100% NZ owned by its employee shareholders, with its roots firmly fixed on a Kiwi can do approach and family values.

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