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    Kemsol Washroom Flowchart

    There's a lot that goes into keeping your bathrooms clean. We've put together a handy flowchart to help you check what product you need for your situation. Click here to download the full-size flowchart. Read More

    Level 3 Operations Update

    As Auckland drops to Level 3 today we want to assure you that we continue to operate as a designated essential service, manufacturing critical products needed for government departments, health care, aged care facilities, food processing and a variety of other services, as well as for distributors supplying our products into these sites. All staff not required on site remain working from home. We are also maintaining our two shifts onsite to minimise contact between staff. We will en... Read More

    Jason becomes the new General Manager of Chemical Solutions LTd

    Chemical Solutions (CSL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Taljard into the position of General Manager. Jason has played an instrumental role in CSL as the Operations Manager for over 10 years. His excellence and hard work even beyond his duties have been a great inspiration to us all. In the words of our Director, Terry Morris: "Jason not only has the in-depth understanding of what makes Chemical Solutions tick but he also has the “mana” amongst our team whic... Read More

    Kemsol Green now in 100% recycled & recyclable 5L containers

    Who would think that the 5L container you see on this page has come full circle from curb-side recycling to cleaning product container and that it can be recycled yet again? When packaging ends up as waste the energy and resource that goes into making it is also thrown away – not with this container. Continuing a commitment of strong environmental initiatives, Chemical Solutions has converted it’s popular Kemsol Green range to 100% kerbside recycled containers. The new 5L containers a... Read More

    4 Tips to Improve Customer Experience Post Corona

    As we have descended the Covid-19 Levels its time to discover what the “new normal” is. The customer awareness of health and hygiene in the public is at a all time high. Therefore, it should also be a priority for your business that serves them. Maintaining a clean environment for your customer experience in this era of online reviews is paramount. Below are a few tips to help implement cleaning standards that will improve the experience of your customers which will positively impact y... Read More

    New National Sales Manager for Chemical Solutions Ltd

    Chemical Solutions Ltd (CSL) announces Warren Wewege is joining the team as National Sales Manager. He comes with 15 years’ experience in the chemical industry, 12 of which was in senior leadership and management. His most recent role was managing key national and head office relationships for Ecolab New Zealand.   “Warren brings a valuable combination of technical knowledge, customer relationship management and extensive experience leading sales teams,” say... Read More

    6 Ways to Successfully Re-Open Post Covid-19

    Many businesses, including shops, cafes and restaurants are preparing to revive and reopen their premises despite the danger of the coronavirus. While entrepreneurs are excited to invite clients back, they must also be mindful about how to do so safely and successfully.   The pandemic has made customers and workers super aware issues of the importance of sanitising and disinfecting. Organizations will want to tackle these worries and follow general wellbeing best p... Read More

    Cleaning Under Covid Level-3

    With the country having made a move down to Level 3 on 27 April there has been some questions popping up about how cleaning methods change with that move. Simply put…… they don’t. Cleaning and sanitising is the promotion of hygiene and prevention of disease by maintenance of clean conditions. So, whether it’s Covid-19, bird flu, salmonella or a myriad of other diseases that can be obtained from contact with dirty surfaces, the process doesn’t change. The base line of c... Read More

    Covid-19 Business Update

    Dear Valued Customer, We appreciate your patience and continued business with us through these uncertain times. Like all of you, we are reacting to the recent government announcements and we are:  Transitioning office-based staff to work from homeIncreasing our production team and working longer hours to keep up with the demandStopping all non-courier collection of orders from our warehouse This may result in longer call wait times as staff phone functionalities will be limited outside... Read More


    Dear valued customer, due to extremely high demand and supply limitations put in place by NZ's largest ethanol supplier we are unfortunately not in a position to accept any new orders for alcohol-based hand sanitisers until further notice. We are currently looking into other avenues and solutions. We will endeavour to notify customers as soon as the situation improves and we regain the ability to fulfill orders based on the changes in raw material availability.Also please note that due to the ... Read More

    Waste reduction initiative by NZ government

    Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage released proposals to increase funding support for councils, community organisations and businesses for projects to recover and recycle more materials and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. “In the past decade, people have sent nearly 30 million tonnes of waste to municipal landfills around the country – a 50 per cent increase in waste that can often be recycled, composted or reused.  We can’t allow this situation to cont... Read More

    New Combi-Oven Cleaning Solutions

    KEMSOL OVEN CLEAN Combination Oven Cleaner A specialist cleaner for combination ovens that releases and suspends a variety of difficult heavy soiling including grease, oils and burnt on carbon deposits. Only for use on stainless steel. Not to be used on aluminium and mild steel. Ideal for combi-ovens, standard ovens, grills, hoods and fryers. KEMSOL OVEN CARE Combination Oven Neutralising Solution A jet spray solution for auto-dose usage through commercial combination ovens to neutralise cl... Read More

    New Laws Concerning Toxic and Corrosive Substances

    WorkSafe introduced law changes aiming to improve the storage of class 6 (toxic) and class 8 (corrosive) substances. Anyone using and storing these substances in quantities over the set thresholds will have to find a solution to accommodate the new requirements. The changes will take effect in two parts: having an established hazardous substances location from 1 June this year and having a location compliance certificate by 1 December this year.For more information on storage requirements, see ... Read More

    A sanitizer prank gone wrong

    t might have seemed like an innocent prank at first, but it ended in the court as an injury by an unlawful act, with dire consequences for the victim, who barely escaped a tragic end. Otago Daily Times describes the incident that happened in a Dunedin store in July of last year. A salesman popped in for one of his regular visits and thought it would be funny to put two squirts of sanitiser into one of his colleague’s drink bottle. "When I put the hand sanitiser in his bottle, I had thought h... Read More

    Decanting leaves a worker with a critical eye injury

    As reported by WorkSafe, a company in Tauranga has been sentenced with a $219,375 fine, following an incident in January 2017 that left one of their workers with a life changing injury. The incident happened while the worker was decanting a corrosive cleaning product and a piece of tubing flicked him in the eye. The impact of the tubing and the corrosiveness of the cleaning product caused so much damage that the worker’s eye unfortunately had to be removed completely. Due to significant scarr... Read More

    Cleaning Chemicals in Food Operations Environments

    The Food Act 2014’s requirements for surfaces that come in contact with food are that these surfaces must be cleaned and sanitised. Environmental Health Officers and MPI Auditors can do site audits in which they check how operators and staff are using cleaning chemicals, with a focus on sanitisers and their knowledge in areas such as: ?    dilution requirements for different applications?    contact times for product to be left on surface?    ri... Read More

    Kemsol Celebrates 25 Years

    As part of Kemsol's Silver Anniversary (25 Year) celebrations, Chemical Solutions Ltd hosted a lawn bowls tournament at the local Mangere Bridge Bowls Club. Fortunately it was a gloriously sunny Wednesday afternoon on the green, to bowl for advanced players and novices alike - in contrast with the gloomy showers and flooding over the previous week. The event kicked off with staff - both from the past and the present - and with special guests, catching up over drinks and... Read More

    Risks of long-term harm using Antibacterial soap?

    It is well known that the industry has been torn over the use of anti-bacterial agents in liquid hand soap. Conflicting scientific studies show a reasonable benefit in the use of anti-bacterial hand soap, but other studies show little of no benefit between standard hand soap and those with anti-bacterial properties. The US Food and Drug Administration has made a ruling, banning  anti-bacterial soaps in the United States that contain any of 19 ingredients that have no evidence of b... Read More

    The Kemsol Rebrand

    Those that were at the Clean NZ tradeshow would have seen the new Kemsol labels on display. The Kemsol products have now been categorised into clear, singular colour and product categories, with associated images best suited for the products’ key purpose.They have been redesigned with a brighter, internationally user-friendly interface in mind under 11 categories, with unique colour bands which allow for easy and fast reference.Each category has an associated alpha-numerical reference, sh... Read More

    Cleaning up our Oceans on a large scale

    The brainchild of 21 year old Dutch entrepreneur (Boyan Slat), the Ocean Clean Up project,  is intended to clean up plastic from our world’s oceans – largely using the ocean’s own current.  In June 2014, Boyan teamed with scientists and engineers to make his Ocean Clean Up project a reality.  In simple terms, the plan was to deploy a huge V-shaped, floating barrier system below the ocean surface - anchored to the seabed. Sea life is often lost when they c... Read More

    Proud to be Making a Difference

    At Kemsol we re-use as much packaging as possible. Our operations team have worked hard on making sure we have a Good Practise approach to material we can’t use, some of that is empty packaging collected from customers and other packaging that distributors return to us.Astron Plastics take packaging damaged or other unusable items from us and have had some distributor trials underway for over 12 months now. We are pleased to say the program has been really popular and making a positive differe... Read More

    False Economy with Cheap Cleaning Products

    Hospitality Operators Confess To Wasting MoneySomething we are often going on about is false economy through the use of cheap cleaning products.With operating margins internationally being squeezed to breaking point, operators are looking for absolute value from every dollar spent servicing and maintaining their businesses. So it’s no surprise to learn that professionals are attempting to shop smarter to make their money go further. In a recent P&G UK survey, operators admitted however th... Read More

    Why It's Time to Detox Your Desk

    The Average worker comes into contact with more than 10 MILLION disease-causing bacteria lurking on their keyboard, phone and mouse.The Facts:More than 10 million bacteria lurk on the average office desk with 7,500 organisms hidden in your keyboardUnhygienic working conditions are a 'key contributor' to millions of working days lost world wide to sickness each yearBacteria and viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 24 hoursOur hands are a germ motorway; many surfaces they come into conta... Read More

    Man dies after drinking wineglass full of soap

    This incident is a scary reminder of the importance of storing cleaning chemicals in a safe location in the correct container with the correct labelling. As highlighted in this Spanish tragedy, it is easy to mistake a cleaning chemical for a beverage if it is decantered into a drink/wine bottle then accidentally stored in the fridge. It only took one sip for this mistake to become fatal.In 2012, two Auckland women were seriously injured after being served the poisonous chemical benzalkonium... Read More

    Can you handle the dirty truth about wet wipes?

    How often do you use wet wipes?A study by Cardiff University found that the cleaning tissues are helping to spread deadly superbugs in NHS wards. Seven commercially available wipes were tested on the most common hospital infections.In "every instance", the wipes actually spread potentially deadly infections from one surface to another, researchers said. They went on to warn that consumers who used them in their own homes, especially the bathroom, might as well go around spraying raw Campylobacte... Read More

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